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Party Time Tents & More Company Policies

  1. A signed contract submitted with a 30% deposit is required within 10 days of (phone/email) booking. If signed contract & deposit has not been received, Party Time management can cancel booking.
  2. After signed contract and deposit is received, ANY CANCELLATION will result in deposit forfeiture.
  3. ANY CANCELLATION of all or part of rented items, within 30 days of the event date, will result in forfeiture of deposit plus unpaid balance. *** Cancellations Due to Global Pandemic – Deposits can be applied to an equal or greater rental amount for a future reservation/contract for up to one (1) calendar year.
  4. ALL BALANCES ARE DUE PRIOR TO SET UP OF EQUIPMENT. “Special Payment” terms, only with approval from Party Time Tents management, may be applied at the time of booking.
  5. Any balance still owed 10 days after event date, will be charged a 2% “LATE FEE” of remaining balance. Additional 2% late fees will be added every 10 days that balances are not paid in full.
  6. All rented Party Time equipment is ONLY delivered to yards, garages or first floor of buildings. No equipment will be delivered inside of homes. No equipment will be delivered up or down steps. If Party Time Tents Management agrees to delivery to anything different than above criteria, extra charges may be added to total invoice.
  7. All prices include delivery within a 20 mile radius of 810 Industrial Road, Marshall, Michigan 49068. Deliveries made beyond a 20 mile radius, may incur added charges negotiated at the time of booking.
  8. Minimum Invoice amount for any order delivered is $100.00
  9. All tents must be set up in grass. No part of the tent, including the stakes, can be installed in dirt asphalt, concrete, gravel, etc. Jobs requiring set up on anything other than grass must be approved
  10. All rental items have been well maintained and will be in good working order. However, rental items are not new and is expected to show some wear according to industry standards.

Client Waiver

*It is understood that vandalism, theft of damage to rental property is the sole responsibility of the Client while equipment is in their possession. If items picked up or returned, are not in like condition, Client is obligated to pay full replacement cost of item.

*The Client agrees to have premises upon which tents are to be set-up cleared of all structures or impediments before equipment set-up. Party Time, Inc. will not be responsible for structure or impediments left in, under, or about the tents at the time of dismantling.

*The Client agrees to release and hold harmless Party Time, Inc. for any and all damages or injuries caused to any persons, property, materials, stock, or other things including attorney fees that may be incurred.

*Party Time, Inc. shall not be liable for injuries or damages caused by fire, rain, hail, sleet, snow, high winds, tornadoes, floods or other disturbances of nature, or by a tent falling by reason thereof to any persons’ material or exhibit while under, near or about the above described property.

*The Client agrees to release and hold harmless Party Time, Inc. for damages caused to persons or things falling over or coming into contact with ropes, stakes, or supports of tents or equipment in the above described property, including attorney fees or other costs incurred.

*Full or partial destruction to above described rental property due to negligence of the Client, his agents or employees shall cause said Client to become liable for damages suffered.

*In the event it is necessary for Party Time, Inc. to employ an attorney to recover equipment or collect rental equipment or damages during the term of this contract, Client shall pay all costs that accrue including attorney fees.

*Party Time, Inc. is not responsible for damages to hidden structures, gas lines, buried electrical lines, sprinkler lines, underground dog fences, etc. Area of hidden structures or lines must be clearly marked and/or a diagram provided before event set up. If Client deems it necessary, it is the Clients responsibility to hire Miss Dig. Please note, Miss Dig and take anywhere from 7-10 days to mark the property.

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